Welcome to the heart of our accomplishments. We take pride in our diverse portfolio of projects, each demonstrating our commitment to excellence, innovation, and giving back to community.

Explore some of our notable projects:

Pluto Haul Road Culverts

Winyama Contracting Group oversaw the construction and installation of culverts for the Pluto Haul Road. The project involved several stages, including demolition, sand bedding preparation, waterproof membrane installation, in-situ and precast concrete work, geotextile installation, gabion wall construction, rock protection placement, compaction, backfilling, and asphalt reinstatement.

  • Excavation and backfill of approximately 1300m3 for two road crossings
  • Complex construction stages including base slab preparation, culvert installation, and various forms of protection against soil and rock erosion
  • Installation of over 100 precast culvert units, ensuring precise placement and construction
  • Rigorous quality checks and compaction measures, including a minimum of 15% CBR pass for new selected fill and compaction limits for road base material
Woodside & Worley:
Nitrogen Capacity Project

The Nitrogen Capacity Project involves a complex set of civil construction works and site preparation at the King Bay Supply Facility. The project includes specialised concrete cutting, excavation works, earthing, concrete foundation construction (F1 to F4), steel bolt installation, and HD bolt placement.

  • Comprehensive excavation methodology from to facilitate a 30m x 7m x 0.9m excavation, including over-excavation allowance for blinding and formwork installation
  • Stringent testing and quality checks for concrete foundations, including compaction testing, plate bearing testing, and multiple cylinder testing
  • Methodical planning and implementation of HD bolt placements, chemical anchors, and steel bolt template installations
  • Development of specific and detailed methodologies for individual foundation segments, focusing on each stage’s precise execution, concrete pouring, curing, and site preparation
  • Emphasis on safety, accuracy, and adherence to pre-pour checks, ensuring the successful execution of HD bolt placements and concrete pouring
KSF – Diesel Bund Civil Works

The KSF – Diesel Bund Civil Works project involves comprehensive civil construction and site preparation works at the King Bay Supply Facility. The scope includes site establishment, earthworks, reinforced access ramp demolition, drainage system installations, and concrete paving.

  • Establishment of site facilities and temporary buildings to accommodate the project requirements
  • Complex earthworks involving grade level modifications, underground drainage installation, and concrete paving
  • Demolition and reconstruction of reinforced access ramps
  • Installation of cast in in-situ concrete foundations for pipe/valve supports and access platforms
  • Implementation of GRE underground piping and drainage pits for interconnection
  • Trenching & foundations for services installations
Pluto – KGP Interconnector Project

The Pluto – KGP Interconnector Project focuses on the transfer of gas between the Pluto LNG and the North West Shelf Project’s Karratha Gas Plant (KGP). It involves the construction of a 5 km, 30-inch pipeline, providing strategic opportunities for future resource developments and facilitating gas transportation from Pluto LNG to the KGP.

  • Construction of a 5 km, 30-inch pipeline along the existing Dampier to Bunbury Natural Gas Pipeline corridor
  • Earthworks for concrete footing installations and foundations for pipe/valves supports and access platforms
  • Security fence modifications, installation of cast in-situ concrete, and pre-cast concrete foundations
  • Trenching and foundations for services installations related to electrical, communication, and instrumentation
  • Gas treatment at new conditioning facilities before transportation to the KGP
  • Enhancement of future Pluto reserves and potential third-party resource developments
Pluto – Solar Trenching Project

The Pluto Solar Import Project aimed to introduce 50MW of solar power and integrate a 35MW Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) into the existing Pluto LNG Plant. This initiative focused on installing underground power, telecommunications, earthing, and condition monitoring cables in preparation for constructing a second LNG train at the Pluto LNG Plant.

  • Site mobilisation and setup for streamlined operation
  • Bulk excavation and material removal, including rock breaking
  • Detailed logistics planning for material import and export
  • Screening of earthworks for backfill material
  • Base preparation and precise trimming for trenching
  • Installation of cable conduits and placement of detective tile/tape for cable identification
  • Backfill using Class 300, Class 27, and Fluidised Thermal backfill methods
  • Construction of in situ concrete cable transfer pits
  • Final grading and restoration of work area
Rio Tinto:
Dampier Contract

Our Rio Tinto Dampier Contract highlights our extensive involvement in the mining industry. This project exemplifies our ability to deliver comprehensive mine services, covering the full spectrum of mine and resource development, seamlessly extending to port operations. We’ve established ourselves as the go-to solution for a holistic approach to mining services, ensuring a clean plant, and consistently meeting high-quality ore delivery expectations.

  • Specialisation in integrated mine services at Rio Tinto’s ports, including under belt maintenance, civil construction, and bulk material movement.
  • Proactive commitment to safety and cleanliness in the mining environment, addressing spillage promptly.
  • Skilful development of crane pads for efficient material handling.
  • Expertise in concrete construction, structural repair, precise ore screening, and bulk material handling for optimal operations.
Acknowledgement of Country

We acknowledge the many Traditional Custodians of Country throughout Australia and honour Elders past, present and emerging.

We recognise that our office is located on Ngarluma Country (ngurra) and pay our respects to the Ngarluma people.